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I'm Not in the Mood: Self-Sacrificial Love in a Christian's Life- NEW  Self Sacrificial Love or a 'Love' of Convenience? This article by Ben Ditzel explains the flaws in the world's teaching of 'not putting up with things' or 'being your own man' in contrast to the Bible's teaching about patience and loving one another unconditionally. (CrossPath message to follow shortly).

A Christian's Approach to the Flag and Pledge of Allegiance-  Ben Ditzel expounds in a short article about how Christian's should approach the US Pledge of Allegiance and flag reverence.
   //     Audio:

Sex Before Marriage and the Christian Walk-  This short article reveals the truth behind the increasingly popular belief about sex before marriage and what the Bible's stand on it is. Hear the mp3 from CrossPath here!

What Is the Role of Women In the Church?-  This is a brief Scripturally founded answer in our Q&A section by Ben Ditzel to the widely controversial subject.

A Summary of Worship-  This summary by Mr. Aaron Fincham explains different aspects of true Christian worship.

What is Worship Music?  When did traditional hymns end and contemporary praise start? And why does today's church seem so divided on different forms of worship music? These and many similar questions are tearing apart what would be fully functional bodies of believers in this day and age. Ben Ditzel expounds on the roots and origins of worship music and what the 'proper form' of worship is for today's Christian by likening it to languages.

Coming Home- NEW  An article by Ben Ditzel expounding on when a loved one turns and strays from the Christian walk and how we as friends or relatives should handle this troubling and sorrowful experience. 

Should Christians Vote?- How should true Christians respond to politics? Voting? This is an article by Ben Ditzel expounds on what Christ and the Bible teach Christians when it comes to voting. (mp3 programme here)

Should Christians Hold Political Office?- an article by Ben Ditzel expounding on what the Bible teaches in relation to a Christian seeking a political office.

A Letter to My Future Wife- a letter which stopped me, literally, in my tracks when I read it at the Sonshine Festival 2007 in Minnesota. I highly recommend it to all young men and women! -Ben Ditzel
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A Letter to My Future Husband- the response to A Letter to My Future Wife (above) which is also very good reading for guys and girls alike.

A Young Christians Cry- an article by Ben Ditzel about forgiving one another and accepting young Christians for who they ARE and who they CAN BE, not who they were.

Love: A Definition- Love is perhaps the most talked-about, sought-after, and prized experience in the world, but there has always been confusion about what love truly is. This article gives some thoughts on it.

What is True Love?- Well? What is true love? This article, written by Ben Ditzel, attempts to scratch at the surface of a huge timeless subject which many young adults ask and try to figure out today


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